Ultimate Thick Pin Brush

Ultimate Grooming Brush

Plush Puppy Ultimate Thick Pin Brush is designed with thick, robust pins that won’t bend under pressure.

This iconic dog grooming brush will flow through the coat leaving a smooth, sleek, swinging result.

Ideal for all dense short coats and long soft coated dog breeds this ergonomically crafted brush ensures ultimate brushing comfort for the pet groomer and the dog.

Suitable for: Thick, dense, and hard to get through coats. Many breeds have coats that don’t allow a “normal” pin brush to efficiently brush and dry. This thick pin allows the pins to penetrate these coats to ensure the coat roots to coat tips are correctly and thoroughly brushed.

Key Benefits:

  • Handle is made from premium Beechwood
  • 20mm Thick Pins
  • Secure Round Tipped Pins
  • Ergonomic Handle

A beautifully crafted dog grooming brush exclusive to Plush Puppy.

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