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Plush Puppy are fortunate to have an incredibly experienced team of Professional Australian Grooming Consultants to assist in all coat care advice. Our team of Master Coat Specialists & Coat Specialists are Showdog winning professionals, handlers, groomers, award winning salon owners and are here to help you with any advice or tips you may require.

Simon Briggs
National Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist
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Simon Briggs Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist
I started into the dog world in the mid 80’s showing a miniature schnauzer and was convinced into going into junior handlers. It was our vet that talked to us into showing the family pet. My life has revolved around everything dogs. I have worked in the dog grooming industry since leaving school and have lived and shown dogs in Canada and the USA.

I have been a lucky man having shown some truly remarkable dogs. It all started with winning the International Junior Handlers final at Crufts in 1987. I have handled dogs to over 1000 BIS wins across all groups. Wins including No 1 dog all breeds 6 times, BIS at Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Toowoomba Royals, Multiple BIS and BISS wins including Nationals (Australia and overseas) and represented Australia multiple times with the Eukanuba World Challenge. I have judged grooming competitions throughout Australia including the National Finals at Sydney Royal.

I currently live in Melbourne and regularly show through Victoria and major shows around Australia. I have been very lucky to have been involved with many, many different breeds. The major breeds are Poodles all sizes, Siberian Husky’s, Kerry Blue Terriers, Irish Setters, Schnauzers, Spaniels and French Bulldogs.

I am an accomplished groomer with both a pair of scissors and with hand stripping. My showing experience has always involved preparing any breed I handled. The driving force behind my interest of showing is firstly my love of dogs. My personal interest in showing is a selfish one. I love spending time with my dogs in preparing and training my dogs for the show ring. The ribbons are secondary, my pleasure is the process and me being happy with the way they show and look. It is a social sport; I have many long and amazing friendships within dog showing both local and international.

My love for Plush Puppy is my desire to achieve the best possible results in grooming and preparation. I have over the years tried and used every conceivable product available. I always go back to Plush Puppy because it’s the only product range that gives me the consistent results I want and need. In my 35 plus years I have learnt that consistent results using products that do what they actually claim they will do is key to achieving the highest level of showing.

Heather Jones
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialists – WA

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I have been involved in the dog world since I was born. I tell people I was imported in Dam, as mum was heavily pregnant when they arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1969, with the rest of the family and two beagles.

I have been lucky enough to have had a very solid foundation with our breeding program, always willing to learn, being able to share my knowledge to those that ask.  Under our prefix Sligrachan, we have had very successful results in the show ring from Multiple Best in Show wins and winning specialties around Australia with our beagles and have and do show all around Australia. I am also the Hound group coordinator to trainee judges in WA, helping with their education to become Championship judges at the Hound Group level.

I have also had a Large Munsterlander, Border Terriers and Miniature Smooth Dachshunds, which I had much success with, but my true love is the Beagle.

I am also a an accredited All Breeds Dog Judge. I have been lucky enough to judge my own breed at a specialty in the UK with over 200+ beagles. I have also had the privilege to judge All Breeds Championship shows in all states of Australia, and around the world which includes South Africa, UK, Canada, India and New Zealand.

I have been involved in many dog clubs to always try to give back, I stated on the Junior Kennel Club at the age of 12, until 26, until I was too old, then Secretary of the Hound Club of WA for many years, The Ladies Kennel Club, and for the past 7 years President of the Metropolitan Kennel Club of WA. I am also a serving Governing Councilor at Dogs West and hold a Marketing Pillar Chair and am part of the Executive team.

Dogs are my passion and I strive to be the best and give back where I can. My beagles have always had the best coat and shine, and I attributive this to good nutrition and having always used Plush Puppy from the washing to the grooming products. I am very proud to be able to give advice on Plush Puppy and share my knowledge to help everyone have the best coat on their beloved dogs. I also love that Plush Puppy has a product for different coat types, as each coat has different requirements.

Sonja Gangell
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist – TAS
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I grew up in the dog world with attended a Dog Show at five days old. Following in my Grandparents and Mums footsteps. 

My life has revolved around everything dogs. From when I was 7 years old, I entered the ring “finally” in the Tasmania Junior Handlers Competition. Handling dogs in Tasmania and across Australia. 

I started showing English Springer Spaniels and breeding them with my mum for many years. We had the Number one all breeds dog in Tasmania. Heading to the mainland for Pedigree Top Dog competition.

I have been very lucky to have been involved with many different breeds. The major breeds are English Springer Spaniels, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Golden Retrievers and now the Samoyed. 

My showing experience has always involved preparing any breed I handled. I love spending time with my dogs in preparing and training them for the show ring. 

 I now love and show Samoyeds for world renowned Lunasea Kennels having the Number one Utility in Tasmania. I spend a lot of time grooming and preparing the Samoyeds coats.

I have learnt in my grooming, that consistent results using products that do what they actually claim they will do is key to achieving the highest level of showing. It sure doesn’t happen overnight.

A very big thank you to Nicky Renwood for introducing me to the Plush Puppy Products many years ago. My favourite Plush Puppy product I use would have to be the Wonder Blok. This gets rid of any staining and doesn’t dry out the coat. Easy to use and pack for our weekends away even our trips to the mainland. 

Chelsey Primrose
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist – WA
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Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist Chelsey Primrose

Born In Western Australia with a lead in my hand and a love for dogs! 

I have been heavily involved in the dog world from the moment I was of age to join my family in the ring. With the support of my mother and father I would assist showing our Snowdara Samoyeds and Lhasa Apsos and compete in junior handlers with my favourite Saluki.

I took a Brief break from the show world but continued to enjoy my grooming, between the end of senior handlers and turning 19. At 19 we had a Lhasa Apso litter and I fell in love with a stunning Gold girl and started where I left off back in the show ring. In the same year I started to campaign Siberian Huskies and fell in love with the breed off the bat!

In 2019 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to America and handle some amazing French bulldogs with the brilliant Perry Payson as my mentor. While I have had some truly memorable Best In Show wins, the thing that I love most about showing is getting to spend a ridiculous amount of time with my dogs and the people I love, doing what they and I love! 

I have been truly fortunate to show a large array of breeds across all groups but most notably, Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan Terriers, French bulldogs, German Spitz (Klein), Dalmatians, Salukis, Afghans, Schipperkes, Labradors and many more. 

Currently I work as a Groomer and specialise in Double coated breeds and long coated breeds and you’ll find me most weekends at my second home, Dogs West.

Plush Puppy has been my go-to for as long as I can remember, as a breeder all our puppies leave with all the essentials to set their new owners up for the best results. With Plush Puppy products range and quality there is always a solution to whatever you need to enhance and while a great handler and great dog are necessary, a great coat and preparation are the final pieces for remarkable results! 

You can contact me via social media, via email or simply grab me at a show for any information! 

Luke Samytowski & Julian Oddi
Plush Puppy Coat Specialists – SA
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We started in the dog world in 2017 with our first French bulldogs named Archie & Deja. It was our breeder who encourage us into dog showing in NSW. Since then we have been dog crazy, showing and handling throughout different shows in different states. 

In 2019 ODDSKI French Bulldogs was born when we moved up to QLD and had our first litter.

Showing we have had some lovely awards (multiple BIG’s and BIS’s) and achieved a supreme title. With this great opportunity we have learnt and educated ourselves on how to properly groom this type of breed mainly with short coats. 

We have used many products over the years but never had the great results of what Plush Puppy products provided. When you find a brand which gives consistency time and time again you stick with it. We are honoured and proud to be selected as one of Plush Puppy’s coat specialist this year in SA.

Darcy Clark
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist – SA
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Unlike most dog show handlers, I was not born into the dog show world. My journey with dogs started when I was 12 years old. I struggled to find my own passion growing up until I attended an animal expo event, with my aunty who has Bernese Mountain Dogs. This interaction then led me to attend more club events, then a dog show, with my aunty then buying me a membership for Dogs SA. This set me on the path that I am still on today in handling and grooming dogs.

I have been extremely fortunate over the years to handle many breeds of dogs but I am most known for my involvement with Bernese Mountain Dogs, Siberian Husky’s, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), German Shepherds, Poodles (All Variety’s), English Springer Spaniels, Border Collies and French Bulldogs.

I have competed successfully at Royals, have had multiple BIS and BISS wins in Australia and on my first overseas trip in 2018 I won two BIS 1st. 

Winning the South Australian Junior Handler State final in 2019 was a highlight in my handling career. I represented my State to the best of my ability and I enjoyed meeting the other competitors. I am proud to say I am friends with most of them today. This networking of dog show friends allows me to share stories, tips and mentor other junior handlers with the knowledge I have gained the same way I had people mentor me when I was in handlers.

Over the years I have been involved in coat preparation for all the breeds I have handled. I have tried an array of different products, but nothing compares to the continued success I have had with Plush Puppy. Having used these products regularly with my own dogs I have been able to impart the benefits of these products to others. 

As a volunteer member with breed clubs, I have held handling classes to assist others in what I have learnt along my handling journey. These classes have allowed me to share my coat knowledge with owners and how to manage certain coats, ie: double coated and the products that can assist them in maintaining their dog day to day.

Having only been involved with dogs over the last 9 years I look forward to many more years of handling, grooming and being a role model of the youth handlers of today. I am approachable and always willing to lend a hand with questions about products, coat types or even just to talk about your dog. 

I thank all the people who have assisted me in getting to where I am today. I look forward to being able to pass on this knowledge that I have gained to others and continue to keep learning on this journey that I am on. 

You can find me on Facebook @DarcyClark or find me at most Dog’s SA Shows.

Bronwyn Standley
Plush Puppy Coat Specialist – QLD
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I cannot remember a time in my life, when a dogs hasn’t played a huge role in it.
Early on, in our married life at a time when we didn’t have a dog, I became very ill and my doctor suggested a dog may help with my recovery. After researching breeds that may be suitable, we settled on a Maltese. That was nearly 30 years ago, and to this day, Maltese have been a very big part of our lives.

Our first pedigree Maltese came into our lives in 1995 at which time we began showing in the confirmation show ring. Together with my husband, Steve, we have bred and owned many Champions, Grand Champions and Supreme Champions. We have also owned and/or shown Lowchen, Chinese Created and Affenpinscher.

Our greatest success in the show ring to date is owner/breeder/ handling of our first Supreme Champion Maltese who won many Best in Show, Reserve in Show, Best in Group and Royal Best of Breed awards at All Breeds and Specialty Show level.

I have always groomed our dogs, learning much about grooming along the way. Each dog has taught me something new which has always interested and excited me.

Most of my work life has been spent in retail in a variety of different roles. Then, 18 months ago, I was given the opportunity to join the grooming industry as a bather, then a few short months later, I trained as a groomer, a job I adore. Working with all breeds of dogs, learning to bath and groom each unique coat has been amazing. And at every stage, Plush Puppy has been an integral part of this journey, from my early days of grooming my Maltese, until today. I am hugely excited to join the Plush Puppy team and I look forward to the future sharing my knowledge and passion, while learning along the way.

My favourite PP product is TLC, a product that is so versatile, I use it every day on my Maltese. From removing knots and tangles to moisturising a dry coat, this product is the bomb!

Sue Wright
Plush Puppy Coat Specialist – QLD
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Asian Fusion Dog Grooming Academy
Bark n Style Salon
Sue Wright Profile
Instagram @sue_wright_petstylist

My name is Sue Wright, founder of Australia’s first dedicated Asian Fusion Grooming Academy, I’m a Diploma certified, award winning Pet Stylist, IJA Judge, Australian Model Dog Team Leader and former contestant on Channel Sevens tv show …. Pooch Perfect.

I’m an all breeds pet stylist with over 18yrs experience but my biggest passion is Asian fusion, a whimsical style of pet grooming designed to make dogs look more toy-like.

I have studied Asian Styling & Teddy Bear trims for many years, traveling as far as China to study this delightful grooming style. My work has been recognised and published in books and magazines world wide including ‘The complete Guide to Asian Styling’, ‘Modern Styles around the World’, ‘Toilettage Magazine’ and the prestigious Japanese magazine ‘Trim’.

Whilst I have been presenting, Asian Fusion seminars and workshops internationally for the past few years, I now teach advanced styling lessons to professional groomers at the AFDGA

I’m proud to be sponsored by Plush Puppy, this is a brand that I truly believe in, because of this I use it exclusively in both my salon and training academy, it’s exceptional quality and truly delivers, my clients always comment how good their dogs look, fresh & clean with healthy looking coats and that wouldn’t happen without Plush Puppy.

When asked what my favourite Plush Puppy product is, it’s impossible to pick just one! I love how Plush Puppy products are formulated for different coat types as each coat type really do have their own requirements, but if I had to choose a product that I use every single day it would be the OMG. If you try it I know you will be saying OMG too, it’s a great detangler, speeds up drying, protects the coat from heat damage, repels dirt, what’s not to love!

Keith Robinson & Kimberly Azzopardi
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialists – NSW
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We both got involved with dogs at a young age, Keith got involved showing dogs when he was 13 years old, when him and his family got their family Dobermann. The breeder suggested they should try showing their Dobermann from then on, he was hooked. Keith found love with another breed later in his life Lagotto Romagnolo.  This is Keith’s main breed now having them for over 20 years.

Kimberly is second generation and started showing at 7 taking in her parents gundogs, Brittany’s.  They were too strong for me to handle at that age! That is when I fell in love with my breed Jack Russell Terrier. I have been showing and breeding Jack Russell Terrier’s for over 20 years now.

Our main breeds that we own, breed and show are Lagotto Romagnolo, Jack Russell Terriers and Bedlington Terrier. We both breed, groom and handle our own dogs.

As for our favourite Plush Puppy products, this would be like picking your favourite child!!! For Keith it would be Body Building Shampoo that gives the coat beautiful body, particularly on juvenile coats to allow perfect scissoring. 

For Kimberly it would be Powder Puff Terrier this powder is great when hand stripping and when the coat is a little too soft to grip. 

Both Keith and Kimberly been very successful in the ring from winning All Breed Best In Shows, our own Breed Specialties, Gun Dog Show and Terrier Show. Keith has won the Terrier Group and Best In Show 4th at Sydney Royal with his families Bull Terrier.

They have both had multiple dogs, Lagotto’s and Jack Russell’s to number 1 in Australia for their breed. 

Kimberly has won group placements at Royal Shows. She had the opportunity 2 years in a row to show at the most prestige Terrier Show – Montgomary. She showed an Irish Terrier and her very own beloved breed Jack Russell Terrier.
She has also shown in America.

Jessica Renwood
Plush Puppy Master Coat Specialist – VIC
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Instagram: @jessgrooms_ or jrenwood_grooming

Born and bred into the dog show world, as a third generation competitor based in Victoria, Australia.

I have been in the dog show ring since I could walk, but my main passion was getting the dogs ready to enter that ring. I have been a professional Dog Groomer since 2017 learning the ropes of the business under my mother. Since then I have competed in a lot of Dog Grooming Competitions nationally, my biggest achievements being BEST IN SHOW 2nd with a Lakeland Terrier at Bathurst Grooming Competition and BEST IN SHOW 3rd at Melb Groom with a Shetland Sheepdog.

Currently I manage a Dog Grooming salon in Ascot Vale, La Casa de Pooch Melbourne which is a VIP Plush Puppy Salon. Within the salon my favourite product is Odour Muncher, we spray this on every dog that leaves the salon. It is our ‘signature scent’ and a customer favourite!

On my own dogs my favourite product would be the Volumising Spray, I use this on my Bichon and Poodle whenever I scissor.

I am lucky enough to have been involved with Plush Puppy for as long as I can remember, I know and use all the products inside out.

May Wong
Plush Puppy Coat Specialist – VIC
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May is an all-rounder groomer. She owns and runs a successful grooming salon in Melbourne – M Dog Grooming Salon.  Some of May’s achievements in the dog grooming industry include winning multiple Best In Show and Best In Group awards in grooming competitions. 

She was nominated for Barkleigh USA’s Foreign Groomer of The Year 2020.  May will be representing Australia, grooming in the Spaniels and Setters category at the next World Team Grooming Championship. May is also a well respected educator and she’s the founder of the online training for groomers – Grooming With May.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge with the aspiring groomers.

Miniature Poodles is May’s number 1 breed and she currently exclusively presents and handles the beautiful dogs of Jenuin Poodles Kennel.  While relatively new in the dog show world, May also owns a Welsh Terrier and is fortunate to have been involved with American Cocker Spaniels, Wire Fox Terriers & Bedlington Terriers.  

May uses Plush Puppy products exclusively in her salon and for her show dogs.  Plush Puppy offers an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, and coat care products so there is something for every coat type and breed!  

Robert Schnaars
Plush Puppy Coat Specialist – QLD
Email Robert | Facebook | Instagram @BundyRob#75

I started my dog career in 1993, having generously been given my first Old English Sheepdog (OES) by Ann Cassidy Ottaba OES. I got the show bug back then and haven’t turned back. 

I’ve groomed and handled OES for most of that time, but recently have ventured into Dandie Dinmont Terriers.

Some of my greatest achievements are my first home breed Supreme champions, Bones, who went on to have herding and neuter titles also, winning Best in Working Group at Brisbane Royal (Ekka), Multi BIS and BISS across Australia and the privilege of showing Ottaba’s imported OES.  I have also handled in America at an OES national.

My next challenge is learning grooming and handling techniques for Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s which I’m loving.

I’ve been lucky to have had some great mentors over the years, which I’m eternally grateful for their knowledge and support.

I’ve always used Plush Puppy products, as I find they have given me the best results, and my favourite product would be Hold as every OES exhibitor needs shares in a good hairspray and this product definitely delivers!

Aimee Petersen
Plush Puppy Coat Specialist – VIC
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I started attending dog shows from a very young age with my mother Denise who has bred consistently amazing Cavaliers under the “Dapsen” prefix. As I got older, I became more involved in the show preparation and handling of the dogs. To date there has been over 100 Dapsen Champions, with Royal, All Breeds and Specialty BIS wins.

The first dog I was lucky enough to co-own was the amazing Puli “Am Ch. Sup Ch Cordmaker Field Of Dreams – Conrad”, Conrad’s career in Australia was short but sensational with many BIS wins, with Conrad going on to be Australia’s representative in the Eukanuba World Challenge.

In 2016 I imported my first Australian Shepherd from the US, when Jack arrived, I had no intention of breeding “Aussies”, but very quickly fell in love with the breed. 6.5 years later I have been breeding Aussies for 3 years and have my 4th US import on the way.

I have also been lucky enough to be given some amazing other breeds to handle and have had BIS wins with other breeds including Wire Fox Terriers, Pointers, Borzoi, Finnish Lapphund, Samoyed and Shar Pei to name a few.

I can’t name a single favourite Plush Puppy product, however there are a few I just can’t run out of such as Reviva Coat and Black Opal Shampoo. Over time I have tried many products but have always returned to using Plush Puppy because nothing else made coats feel and look as good.