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Pamper Your Pup: Unleashing the Ultimate Dog Spa Day Ideas!

Every dog has its day. All pets deserve a taste of indulgence from time to time, and pampering your dog cements the unique bond you share with them. So, sit back and relax together as we share our dog spa day ideas and give you tips on all the luxury pet products you need to … Continued

Our Top Tips for Starting a Grooming Business

It takes Herculean efforts to reach the day when you can cut the ribbon and greet your first clients across the threshold. Starting a grooming business requires lots of training, endless formalities, and securing investment. But what are some of the finer details to sort out before you’re open for business? We’re focusing on a … Continued

Inside the Dogs SA Winter International Show

Canine experts continue to dub this “Australia’s Favourite Show” after it won the prestigious title for four consecutive years at the Dog News Australia Awards. Eleven International Judges will participate in one of the most talked-about dog show events in 2024, with exhibitors from all around Australia and beyond jostling for pole position. The show … Continued

Paws and Play: 10 Unique Dog Products

Dogs are amazingly clever, so mental stimulation is as crucial for them as a physical workout. Mental exercises can even make dogs feel more exhausted than a long walk. That means they’re especially important for high-energy dog breeds. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite unique dog products to keep your dog’s mind alert. Look … Continued

How to Avoid These Common DIY Dog Grooming Mistakes

Some habits are hard to kick. Inefficient DIY dog grooming routines are no exception. We’re here to bring you solutions that’ll help break the mould. A bad worker may blame their tools, but having the right pet grooming essentials is vital if you’re caring for a beloved dog at home. Brush up on all the … Continued

Taming the Tangles: Top Grooming Tips for Curly-Coated Dog Care

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, with different coat types needing different types of care. Curly-coated dog care is important as they often have a thick mass of small, tight, crisp curls near their skin. Their coats require special attention and luxury pet products to keep them looking their best. Find out more as we … Continued

Why the Sydney Royal Dog Show Is Leader of the Pack

This prestigious event comes under the Sydney Royal Easter Show umbrella, an iconic event attracting over 800,000 people every year. Of all the Australian dog shows, this is one of the biggest contests top breeders talk about most. When it comes to Australian dog competitions, this one is right up there. Read on for the … Continued

Unveiling Crufts: One Of The Most Prestigious Show Dog Competitions

Say the word “Crufts” to a complete stranger, and the chances are they’ll know what you’re referring to. It is, after all, the crème de la crème of prestigious show dog competitions. This is the big one where all the top breeders and trainers from across the world gather to rub shoulders with one another. … Continued

2024s Most Anticipated Show Dog Events

There are landmark dates in every show dog’s calendar and 2024 looks set to be another bumper year to set tails wagging. There are enough prestigious dog competitions to fill diaries to the brim. We’re focusing on our very own fabulous four show dog events. So, have your professional grooming boxes at the ready as … Continued

The Ultimate Gift Ideas for Show Dogs

“All I want for Christmas is..a bone.” That could well be what your perfect pooch is wishing from Santa Claws as they fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, you can take the lead! Christmas is the ideal opportunity to indulge in show dog grooming products fit for a champion. Wave goodbye to trudging through the … Continued