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Latest tips & tricks to successfully grooming your
Latest tips & tricks to successfully grooming your
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I’m one of your wholesale customers and just wanted to say a huge awesome thankyou. I bought the Natural Conditioning Shampoo as I was looking for something for long flowing coats. I do 4 breeders Borzois, and heaps of other long coated dogs as I love doing them, so I was looking for more products to help as I dry these guys to reduce knots. The OMG spray was a game changer but this shampoo made such a difference to these borzois who have gorgeous healthy coats. The boys are both studs and her pet dogs as well.

Many thanks Borzoi coat
What The Floof Dog Grooming.

Victoria Swalling

OMG!!! The Ultimate Wooden Pin Brush is everything it promises and some! This brush is my new best friend ❤️ I LOVE IT!!!

It glides through wet coat, removes tangles without breaking the coat, adds lustre to the coat as it massages the skin and releases the natural oils and after bathing and drying 2 x 5month old Maltese, no hair left in the brush!

I will be ordering another!

Thank you Plush Puppy ❤️

Bronwyn Standley

I always use Herbal Whitening Shampoo on my Show Bichons 😍

Louise Louisianna

I love Herbal Whitening Shampoo! Makes my Bichon sparkle but is also lovely on my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Black Phantom Toy Poodle. Really Brings out his colours. Just goes to show its NOT just for white dogs! 💜 I’ve been using for over 18 years now! Love them along with Silk Protein Conditioner and Wonder Blok. I do love the OMG spray too!

Alison Lewis
Grooming is made so easy when started from the very 1st day your puppy arrives home with you. Short FUN gentle grooming and in no time your puppy will be Loving grooming. 💜🐾
The Plush Puppy Petite bottles are so handy 💕
Allison Begnell

I’ve tried other products but I always came back to Plush Puppy. Just love how my Havanese coats feel afterwards.

Lorree Cox

Love Herbal Whitening Shampoo on my tri-colours – Keeps them JET BLACK 🖤🖤🖤

I’ve been using Seabreeeze Oil in my salon JBS Dog & Cat Grooming Services + Doggy Daycare for irritated tail pockets on my French bulldog. It’s gone from red and inflamed back to normal, she also suffer reoccurring ear infections and I’ve been using the oil on her dry ears and it’s helped a lot also.

Jess Baird

Herbal Whitening Shampoo is the best shampoo I have ever used on my show dogs and show chooks! 🐩🐔

Tony Sherriff

Seabreeze Oil works amazingly well to correct a extremely damaged drop coat after coat rescue.

Benjamin Black

I ordered some things Monday night and as I live regional, postage usually takes at least a week for anything, however my Plush Puppy order arrived today (Wednesday), super-fast postage and as always love the whitening shampoo for my Border Collie, and have ordered some new things to try! Great quality products won’t use anything else!

Shani O’Donnell

Have used the PP products for many years with great success … along with many Champions, there are 4 Supreme Champions – an Australian Kelpie and 3 Papillons where I feel these products have contributed greatly!

Julie Dickinson Franks

I love Plush Puppy Volumiser on my GSDs when they are in between coats. Best product ever.

D Howard

I used the Ultimate Extra Long Pin Brush on my Long Coat German Shepherd and it is the best! Finally I have found the right brush and I wanted to let all long haired Shepherd owners how good this brush is, and that my boy actually enjoys the brushing process now!  It just glides through his coat effortlessly. We also use the Blue Porcupine Brush for finishing.

Vanessa – Zabenzah German Shepherds

I loooove the shine and hydration Seabreeze Oil gives my fawn Frenchie. Absolutely beautiful finish and the scent is delightful 🙂

Mel A

I have been using your products for years with my mini Schnauzers.  Have the Pixie Dust to put on their legs and partially on their faces. It works well and I have recommended it to my Dog Groomer!

Michelle G

We love these products a product for every type of dog and every type of coat … I use the deodorising spray on my dogs and I’m always getting asked what the amazing smell on them is.
Even been known to use the coat conditioner on my hair, it smells great and helps with knots.

Shar Anderson

Staff were so helpful!

Jessie Hu

Use a lot of their products, love the results

Bev Tophill

Thank you Plush Puppy for your super-fast delivery of our package

Monique Hugli

Great product, have been using it on my mint and standard long Dachshund for years.

Karen Glanford

Great products and service.

Donna Freeman

The Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo is brilliant on my Bernese Mountain Dogs. Their whites are blinding & their black is shining & glossy. Cannot recommend it highly enough! OMG Spray is probably the best product on the market for daily use in keeping my Boys immaculate for the public.

Barbara and Michael Whitwell

Their pin brush is magnificent. It gets into my Bichons coats and doesn’t pull out any hairs. It is a pleasure to use. Service I have found is terrific too.

Maria Scully

I got the Plush Puppy Shine and Comb spray as I love how it smells and makes their coats shine. Even the dogs love it. They line up after their bath for their “perfume”.

Clancy Buchanan

Love the shampoos, sprays and the pin brush is great to use.

Noeleen Kemp

Great products for different breeds.

Aramis Joy Lim

We have several dogs and find the Plush Puppy range works the best, especially if your dog has a long or dry coat or is prone to tangling. Online ordering was easy and great communication. A five-paw rating from us.

Tiffany Hatton

Awesome products. Amazing team. Always there to help you.

Penny Kelly

Brilliant products that work.

Jackie Buttle