Mixer Bottle

Mix It Up

Mix it up with our new and improved Mixer Bottle.

The all NEW better than ever Plush Puppy 500ml Mixer Bottle now features new mixing markings common to the dilution rates of many Plush Puppy products including shampoos and conditioners.

Simply fill the bottle with water to the required dilution rate, marked by a blue bar, then top with your product and mix well before applying to the coat.

This 500ml Mixer Bottle still comes with convenient measurements from 100ml to 400ml on the side to make mixing easy so you can groom your champion or companion to pawfection!

These bottles are made of soft plastic making them super flexible to squeeze when applying products. The plastic is also HDPE meaning it is easily recyclable with a recycle grade of 2.

The cone lid features an attached sealing lid that easily pops on top of your mix during use to avoid any spillage.

Directions: Remove witches hat. For the first use, snip the top of the cone off about 5mm down the bottle to create your opening.

To make your dilution:

  1. Using the blue bars – Select your required dilution rate. Fill water to the top of the blue bar of the required dilution rate. Top up to the 400ml line with your product and mix well.
  2. Using the millilitre measurements – Simply mix your required amount for application.

Suitable For: Creating easy dilution and mixing of Plush Puppy Shampoos, Conditioners, and other liquid products for home use and groomers.


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