Blue Long Pin Round Tip Brush

Pro-Grooming Brush

The Blue Long Pin Round Tip Brush with 22mm long pins will be a popular grooming brush for many full or long coated dog breeds. This long pin brush reduces dragging and minimises damage to the coat during brushing. The results will be a knot and tangle free, smooth and healthy looking coat.

The durable round tipped pins are set into a flexible rubber cushion. This rubber cushion gives flexibility during use, allowing easy pin movement throughout the coat. This ensures maximum comfort to your dog while brushing.

This is an ideal brush for blow-drying many breeds due to the long pins that help to easily lift and separate the coat.

It has been ergonomically designed by our professional grooming team for maximum efficiency of brushing and full comfort of the user in mind.  Exclusive to Plush Puppy.

Suitable for: Many full coated breeds or longer coated breeds that require a slightly longer pin length to enable efficiency and ease of brushing and drying. This is an ideal brush for blow-drying many breeds.

Key Benefits:

  • Rounded pin to ensure comfort
  • 22mm pin length suitable for fuller or longer coats
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • 225mm long x 70mm wide

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