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I started into the dog world in the mid 80’s showing a miniature schnauzer and was convinced into going into junior handlers. It was our vet that talked to us into showing the family pet.

My life has revolved around everything dogs. I have worked in the dog grooming industry since leaving school. Have lived and shown dogs in Canada and the USA. I have been a lucky man having shown some truly remarkable dogs. All started with winning the International Junior Handlers final at Crufts in 1987. I have handled dogs to over 1000 BIS wins across all groups. Wins including No 1 dog all breeds 6 times, BIS at Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Toowoomba Royals, Multiple BIS and BISS wins including Nationals (Australia and overseas) and represented Australia multiple times with the Eukanuba World Challenge. I have judged grooming competitions throughout Australia including the National Finals at Sydney Royal.

Currently living in Melbourne and regularly showing through Victoria and major shows around Australia. I have been very lucky to have been involved with many, many different breeds. The major breeds are Poodles all sizes, Siberian Husky’s, Kerry Blue Terriers, Irish Setters, Schnauzers, Spaniels and French Bulldogs. I am an accomplished with both a pair of scissors and with hand stripping. My showing experience has always involved preparing any breed I handled.

The driving force behind my interest of showing is firstly my love of dogs. My personal interest in showing is a selfish one, I love spending time with my dogs in preparing and training my dogs for the show ring. The ribbons are secondary, my pleasure is the process and me being happy with the way they show and look. It is a social sport; I have many long and amazing friendships within dog showing both local and international.

My love for Plush Puppy is my desire to achieve the best possible results in grooming and preparation. I have over the years tried and used every conceivable product available. I always go back to Plush Puppy because it’s the only product range that gives me the consistent results I want and need. In my 35 plus years I have learnt that consistent results using products that do what they actually claim they will do is key to achieving the highest level of showing.

Simon Briggs
National Plush Puppy Consultant